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The Team

Dr. Yuan Hong YuArray

Traditional Chinese medicine

Hongyu Yuan Associated Chief Physician, Master, Senior Health Manager. Chinese Medical Association Member.

Dr. Yuan has engaged in clinical medicine for nearly 20 years, including working at outpatient, ward and teaching in Department of traditional Chinese medicine in 3JIA hospital. She worked for Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Chinese medicine hospital with many famous old traditional Chinese medicine physicians. Dr. Yuan accumulated rich clinical experience of TCM.

She is good at combining treatment of traditional Chinese with Western medicine in the Department of internal medicine, gynecology and postpartum disease. Dr. Yuan has accumulated a wealth of clinical experience, especially at acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatment of various gynecological diseases, including: pregnant and conditioning, Threatened Abortion Treated with traditional Chinese medicine, menstrual symptoms ,Pre-pregnancy, postpartum, climacteric syndrome, infertility, Chinese beauty, Has been for hundreds of families to bring the Gospel; adept at the use of herbs of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatment: a variety of sub-healthy people (including High cholesterol \Hypertension, physical weakness, all kinds of discomfort, chronic fatigue syndrome, Traditional Chinese Medicine Anti-Aging) etc. Focus on the use of Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture therapy for the treatment of various chronic diseases. Dr. Yuan also has rich experience in the treatment such as the spleen and stomach disease, endocrine disorders, periarthritis of shoulder, waist and leg pain, weakness of the spleen and stomach for children, catch a cold repeatedly cough syndrome, Due to the accurate dialectical and small dosage, Dr. Yuan is popular among patients. For a number of celebrities and famous entrepreneurs to provide health care services .She is also the special guest of Beijing radio broadcasting health Channel and Tianya community and Baby Tree column in the Internet. Dr. Yuan has published nearly 20 academic papers in professional domestic and International Journal of Medicine. And also as expert for Special review International Journal of traditional Chinese medicine.

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