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Eye Clinic

Routine eye exams can detect weak vision as well as potential eye problems before symptoms appear.


Our clinic provides care in optometry and ophthalmology. Services include professional vision assessment and correction with glasses or contacts as well as the diagnosis and treatment of eye disorders and diseases.


Our certified ophthalmologists provide international standard eye care for adults and children, including medical and surgical treatment of ocular disorders.

Service item

•Basic eye check
•Provide prescription for glasses and contact lens
•Diagnosis and treatment of eyelid disease
•Diagnosis and treatment of conjunctival disease
•Diagnosis and treatment of corneal disease
•Diagnosis and treatment of orbital disease
•Diagnosis and treatment of cataract and other lens disease
•Diagnosis and treatment of  glaucoma
•Diagnosis and treatment of uveitis
•Diagnosis and treatment of  retinal disease
•Diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases related to the systemic disease such as diabetes and hypertension

Service area
•Eyelid Disorders
•Conjunctival disease
•Corneal Disease
•Orbital Disease
•Cataracts and Lens Disease
•Retinal Disorders
•systemic diseases related eye diseases




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